CNC Works Ireland

CNC Works is a family run business and continues to grow as a unique and diverse service. CNC machining provides individuals and companys with endless possibilities for precision component manufacture. We have been working along side individuals and businesses to continually provide a CNC machining service that is second to none.

Computer Numerical Control ( CNC )

CNC means Computer Numerical Control. This means a computer converts the design produced with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, into precise lines and points for cutters and drill bits to follow which guarantees a finished product with upmost accuracy

Wardrobe Doors

Recently from our customer orders, we have recognised a demand for bedroom doors that are both traditionally stylish and available to be painted in the growing variities of colours available.

Components For Bar Furniture/ Upholstery Projects

We regularly run pieces out for compainies who may be making Sofas / Chairs for bars and hotels

Flat Pack Services

CNC Works are capable of running full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom units and furniture

Bespoke Furniture

Machining and boring panels / tongue & groove, to be used in office furniture, kitchen components, study areas and bedroom furniture.


Shaped timber used to insert between glass panels for front doors etc. Commonly used to replicate and replace old doors and windows on listed buildings.

Laboratory Services

CNC Works have run various materials for the use in labs. We can machine approved high density laminates such as TRESPA.

Plug and Moulds for Composites Industry

Assisting companys in the process of Plug/ Mould making for sectors such as Wind and Wave Turbines, Aviation and Aircraft components to name but a few.


We can run large batches of slat wall. Choose from a vast selection of finishes.


Various stencils machined for use in coding numbers and letters on to shipping containers and lorries. Engraving signs for shop fronts and office buildings.

Decorative Fretwork

Routing decorative panels to be used for Screens, Acoustic Panels and Radiator Covers.

CAD Services

Full design service available for producing shop drawings for various private & commercial furniture projects.

Relief Work
Fast Tracked

If your own machine is temporarily out of order, we have helped such customers by machining orders so that you dont fall behind.

CNC Works

Providing a friendly, efficient, helpful and valuable service under one roof. Working closely with Customers and Architects on finalising projects for both small and large commercial contract works.

Biesse CNC Routers

CNC Works utilise the Biesse machining centre designed for both small projects and largescale industry alike.
Offering high performance, we can ensure a quality finish to all of our customers products.
Our Biesse CNC is used for maximum productivity at the same time offering a speedy turnaround on your order, we can also change the tools while the machine is still running, ensuring that there is always a tool working on your product saving you processing time.

Coming Soon

A New 5-axis CNC processing centre for producing any type of multi dimentional item
5-axis technology offers 360 degree continuous rotation on the vertical and horizontal axes, enables the machining of complex-shaped pieces ensuring quality and precision